Murder in Edinburgh

Annie Young-Perret—third-culture kid and sometimes accidental detective—is contacted by her old school chum, Chantal, from Edinburgh, Scotland. Her husband, Duncan, recently died as the result

Murder in Schwyz

Brother Fritz wants to sell. Sister Petra wants to expand. The Bircher family has manufactured cookies in the picturesque Swiss canton of Schwyz since the

Murder in Ely

Third-culture kid Annie Young-Perret is in Ely (UK) to read from her book Hilke Fulmer: A Swim to Safety while visiting with old friends Janet

Murder on Insel Poel

Annie Young’s forte is tech writing and historical research. But with disconcerting frequency as she travels for projects around the world, she finds herself in

Murder in Paris

Tech writer and Third Culture Kid Annie Young breaks her engagement to Roger Perret when he ‘forbids’ her to take an assignment documenting a Paris

Murder In Geneva

When Dr. Urs Stoller’s body washes up on the Lac Leman beach, no one is sad. His colleagues think the world-renowned art historian and Geneva

Murder in Argeles

When history buff and multi-lingual American tech writer Annie Young returns to her studio “nest” in Southern France from a Zurich assignment, she can hardly

Murder in Caleb’s Landing

Annie Young is a multi-lingual Third-Culture Kid. She was born in New England but grew up in several European countries and is not totally at