Day Care Moms

Women helping Women. Four single mons in a small New England town have very different lives. Their daughters are all at the same day care

Triple Decker

Every family is made up of multiple, separate lives intertwined. They can experience the same event in very different ways. The Flanagans are a normal,

Family Value

The Marshes and the DiDonatos live in a Cambridge, Massachusetts two-family house and struggle with the usual problems of a modern life. Tony DiDonato can’t

Running from the Puppet Master

Leah Stockbridge was born into the wrong family. Although her typically conventional New England Yankee parents were very nice, loving people, they didn’t understand either

The Card

“The manila envelope under the chimes,” Kate said, Jane found it and tore it open. The familiar white dove, having survived fifteen mail trips and

Chickpea Lover (Not A Cookbook)

Peter might dress up like a vegetable, but he’s the man-of-her-dreams for popular nursing college professor Liz Adams. Unfortunately, she’s still married to David, a